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Suzhou RHZ Textile Technology Co., Ltd is China Acrylic Yarn Suppliers and Acrylic Yarn company. We start from cotton spinning series for more than 19 years which include: 100% cotton yarn, 100% polyester yarn, 100% viscose yarn, 100% acrylic yarn, cotton acrylic blended yarn, acrylic viscose blended yarn and so on, which can be used in circular knitting machines and loom machines. Our custom Acrylic Yarn have exported our products to many countries such as American, England, South America, Asia also for Africa market. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by our users.
Industry knowledge extension of this category

Acrylic yarn is a chemical fiber, its performance is like wool, so called“Synthetic wool.”. Molecular structure: acrylic fiber in the internal structure of the most unique, irregular spiral conformation, and no strict crystallization zone, but there are high-order and low-order arrangement. As a result of this structure, acrylic fiber has good thermal elasticity (can be processed bulky yarn) , acrylic fiber density is small, smaller than wool, fabric warmth. It has good elasticity, second only to polyester, about 2 times higher than polyamide, and better shape retention.