1. Production of acrylic yarn raw materials

  The raw material of acrylic yarn is cheap propylene by-product of petroleum cracking. When the polyacrylonitrile copolymer is heated to above 230°C, it only decomposes and does not melt. Therefore, it cannot be melt-spun like polyester nylon fiber, but the solution is used. method of spinning. Spinning can be done by dry method or by

  Wet method. The dry spinning speed is high, and it is suitable for spinning imitation silk fabrics. Shifen spinning is suitable for making short fibers, fluffy and soft, and suitable for making wool-like fabrics.

  2 Properties and uses of acrylic yarn raw materials

  Elasticity: Its elasticity is better, second only to polyester, about 2 times higher than nylon, and has better shape retention.

  Strength: Although the strength of acrylic fiber is not as good as that of polyester and nylon, it is 1-2.5 times higher than that of sheep draft.

  Heat resistance: The softening temperature of the fiber is 190-230°C, second only to polyester among synthetic fibers.

  Lightfastness: The lightfastness of acrylic fiber is the best among all synthetic fibers in the open air for one year, and the strength is only reduced by 20%, but the dyeing of acrylic fiber is difficult, the coloring rate is poor, and it is easy to dye flowers.

  Acrylic fibers are resistant to acids, oxidants, and general organic solvents, but are not resistant to alkalis. The finished product of acrylic fiber has good fluffiness, good warmth retention, soft hand feeling, good weather resistance, mildew resistance, and moth-proof performance.

  3. The lengths of acrylic fibers are: 38mm, 51mm, 62mm, 72mm, and 102mm.

  Classification by fiber length:

  According to the fiber length of acrylic fiber, it can be divided into cotton acrylic yarn, semi-worsted acrylic yarn, worsted acrylic yarn and woolen acrylic yarn.

  According to the yarn spinning process classification:

  Ring spun acrylic yarn, vortex spun acrylic yarn, compact spun acrylic yarn, siro spun acrylic yarn, compact spun acrylic yarn.

  Ring-spun acrylic yarn has no anti-pilling effect, and vortex spinning, compact spinning, siro spinning, and compact spinning acrylic yarn have an anti-pilling effect. According to different test methods, the anti-pilling level achieved is not -Sample.

  According to functional classification: anti-pilling acrylic yarn, anti-static acrylic yarn, heating acrylic yarn, flame retardant acrylic yarn.

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