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Metallic Core Spun Yarn

Metallic core spun yarn is made by PBT with good elasticity and strength, and is spun by twisting viscose and nylon together and added with metal wire. Yarn elasticity is good, feel smooth and soft, the yarn in the light looks shiny and very beautiful. It is more beautiful after making clothes, and the luster of the wire is more beautiful in the cloth.

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Product Description

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Name: Metallic core spun yarn
Count:  48NM/2
Material:  45%Viscose,30%PBT,20%Nylon,5%Polyester
Usage: Knitting

Suzhou RHZ
Textile Technology Co.,Ltd.

Suzhou RHZ Textile Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002. We 're located in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province which is very close to shanghai international airport. We're an experienced China Metallic Core Spun Yarn Suppliers and Metallic Core Spun Yarn Factory which is focusing on producing several types of yarn by following:
A. We start from cotton spinning series for more than 19 years which include: 100% cotton yarn, 100% polyester yarn, 100% viscose yarn, 100% acrylic yarn, cotton acrylic blended yarn, acrylic viscose blended yarn and so on, which can be used in circular knitting machines and loom machines..
B. Our second step for developing CORE SPUN YARN. Products like Viscose/Nylon/PBT Rabbit hair Core spun yarn, Acrylic core-spun yarn, etc;
C. We control our quality and never stop for advance our new technology. We start to make fancy yarn from the beginning of 2015. Our new item which suitable for Circular machines as below:
1: Injection Yarn(Space Dyed)
2: Neps yarn
3: Slub yarn
4: Snow Yarn
5: Angelina Yarn
6: Brush Yarn
7: AB Yarn
D. At the same time for fancy yarn items, we start our Woolen production line: 100% HB Acrylic yarn, Acrylic/wool yarn, Acrylic/nylon yarn, 100% wool yarn
E: Crochet machines 100 sets:
100% Nylon feather yarn 100% Polyester mink yarn Polyester/nylon AB hairy yarn
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Product Knowledge

Metallic core spun yarns typically contain a metallic thread or filament as the core material, with an outer layer of other fibers or materials. When it comes to care, the ease of caring for metallic core spun yarn can depend on the specific blend of fibers and materials used in the outer layer. Here are some factors to consider:
Metallic Core: The metallic core itself, such as a thread made of metallic fibers like silver, gold, or other metallic-coated materials, is often quite durable and can withstand gentle handling and washing.
Outer Layer: The outer layer, which can consist of various fibers like cotton, acrylic, or synthetic materials, will have a more significant impact on care. Check the care instructions for the specific outer layer material. Some outer fibers may be easy to care for, while others may require more delicate treatment.
Recommended Care Instructions: Always refer to the manufacturer's recommended care instructions for the specific metallic core spun yarn you are using. These care instructions should provide guidance on washing, drying, and handling the yarn and the finished project.
Hand Washing: In many cases, metallic core spun yarn may benefit from gentle hand washing using a mild detergent. Hand washing allows for better control over the washing process and reduces the risk of damaging the metallic core or outer fibers.
Temperature and Agitation: Avoid using hot water, harsh detergents, or vigorous agitation when washing metallic core spun yarn. These can potentially cause damage to the metallic components and the outer layer.
Drying: Depending on the outer fibers, drying the finished project may require flat drying or air drying. Check the recommended drying method to prevent damage.
Avoiding Abrasion: Be cautious to avoid abrasive surfaces or items that could rub against the metallic thread, as this could lead to wear and damage.
Storage: Store items made from metallic core spun yarn away from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to UV rays can affect the metallic shine.
The care for metallic core spun yarn can vary based on the specific blend of fibers and materials used in the outer layer. Always follow the recommended care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the longevity and appearance of your project. Generally, with proper care and attention to the outer fibers, metallic core spun yarn can be relatively easy to care for, though some caution may be needed to protect the metallic core.