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Air Yarn

The internal short fibers of jet spun yarn can be made of various materials such as wool, camel hair, acrylic, etc., making the produced jet spun yarn have good warmth retention and comfort. The yarn of jet spun yarn has no twist, and the outer mesh hollow structure of the belt yarn is made by knitting, which has good longitudinal and transverse elongation. Using special color processing, the colors are soft and generous, showcasing elegance and refinement.

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Product Description

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Name: Air Yarn
Ingredients: 53% Acrylic 35% Nylon 12% Polyester
Count: 5.4NM/1
Usage: Used for clothing, sweaters, scarves, etc



Suzhou RHZ
Textile Technology Co.,Ltd.

Suzhou RHZ Textile Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002. We 're located in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province which is very close to shanghai international airport. We're an experienced China Air Yarn Suppliers and Air Yarn Factory which is focusing on producing several types of yarn by following:
A. We start from cotton spinning series for more than 19 years which include: 100% cotton yarn, 100% polyester yarn, 100% viscose yarn, 100% acrylic yarn, cotton acrylic blended yarn, acrylic viscose blended yarn and so on, which can be used in circular knitting machines and loom machines..
B. Our second step for developing CORE SPUN YARN. Products like Viscose/Nylon/PBT Rabbit hair Core spun yarn, Acrylic core-spun yarn, etc;
C. We control our quality and never stop for advance our new technology. We start to make fancy yarn from the beginning of 2015. Our new item which suitable for Circular machines as below:
1: Injection Yarn(Space Dyed)
2: Neps yarn
3: Slub yarn
4: Snow Yarn
5: Angelina Yarn
6: Brush Yarn
7: AB Yarn
D. At the same time for fancy yarn items, we start our Woolen production line: 100% HB Acrylic yarn, Acrylic/wool yarn, Acrylic/nylon yarn, 100% wool yarn
E: Crochet machines 100 sets:
100% Nylon feather yarn 100% Polyester mink yarn Polyester/nylon AB hairy yarn
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Product Knowledge

Air Yarn is a type of yarn manufacturing process that involves high-speed, compressed air to twist and spin the fibers into yarn. The internal short fibers in jet spun yarn can indeed be made from various materials, allowing for a combination of desirable properties in the resulting yarn. These short fibers are often blended with longer staple fibers to achieve specific characteristics in the yarn, such as warmth retention and comfort.
Here are some key points about the materials used in Air Yarn and the resulting properties:
Wool: Wool fibers are well-known for their natural warmth and insulation properties. When blended with other fibers in jet spun yarn, they can enhance the warmth and comfort of the final product. Wool is also moisture-wicking and can help regulate body temperature.
Camel Hair: Camel hair fibers are prized for their softness and warmth. They are often used in luxury textiles to provide exceptional comfort and insulation. Blending camel hair with other fibers can result in yarn with a luxurious feel.
Acrylic: Acrylic fibers are known for their softness, lightweight nature, and moisture-wicking properties. Blending acrylic with natural fibers can add durability and affordability to the yarn, making it more accessible to a wider range of consumers.
Blending: The choice of which fibers to blend in jet spun yarn depends on the desired characteristics of the final product. Blending allows for customization, so you can combine fibers to achieve the right balance of warmth, softness, moisture control, and other factors.
Air Yarn can be used in various applications, including knitwear, sweaters, scarves, and other garments where warmth and comfort are essential. The combination of fibers allows for versatility in design and functionality, making it suitable for different climates and preferences.