Feather Yarn is a fancy yarn that has emerged in the domestic market in the past three or four years. Its structure consists of core yarn and decorative yarn, and the feathers are arranged in a certain direction. Its craft is mainly composed of knitting and cutting, that is, "one needle, one knife". The single-knitted core thread and the middle section are held by the core thread, and the two ends are cut by a cutter to form a certain length of hair feather decoration yarn. Due to the directional distribution of hairiness, the woven fabric is not only soft in luster, but also has a plump surface and a very decorative effect. The feather yarn is superior to other fluff yarns in that it is not easy to lose hair. It has good wearing performance and strong warmth retention, and should be widely used on clothes, hats, scarves, socks, and gloves.

  Feather yarn can be produced from various fiber yarns, commonly used are viscose, nylon, acrylic and polyester. The "backbone" part of the feather is the core thread, and the quality and performance of its raw materials must meet the requirements of knitting yarns. The decorative yarn is the main performance part of the feather yarn, which determines the sensory effect of the finished yarn. The decorative thread fiber requires good luster, elasticity, and can stand up naturally; the strength of the decorative yarn should not be too high, it should be easy to cut, and the fluff with neat length can be obtained, and it is not easy to lose hair. Generally, the filament is suitable; the core thread decorative thread should be Raw materials with the same thermal shrinkage rate to prevent long and short hair, twist shrinkage and uneven evenness caused by finishing and dyeing after yarn formation. The count of the core yarn and the decorative yarn is determined by the count of the finished product and is also affected by the number of crochet needles. In order to make the core yarn effectively hold the decorative yarn, the decorative yarn should be 1-3 times thicker than the core yarn. Taking 1/6.5Nm bright nylon feather yarn as an example, the core yarn adopts 70D/24f semi-dull nylon filament, and the decorative yarn adopts two 75D/24f three-leaf bright nylon filaments to feed people, which can ensure the yarn quality. quality. We have compared and screened the selection of the raw materials: using 70D/24f semi-matte filament, the surface of the single fiber is smooth, the fiber is easy to slip on the edge of the knife when cutting, and it is not easy to cut, but the flexibility, bending resistance, tensile strength Good tensile strength, can be used as a core wire. It adopts a 75D/24f trilobal section with optical fiber, which is easy to cut, has excellent optical properties, and has a large friction coefficient, which is more suitable for decorative yarns. The fabric feels thick and durable, and the fleece fabric made of it can keep its suede plump and erect and has good bulkiness and gloss.

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