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Brief knowledge introduction of Core Spun Yarn

Core Spun Yarn or Core Twisted Fiber is a new type of yarn that has become increasingly popular. It can be made from a variety of different fibers, including cotton and polyester.

The most common core spun yarn uses cotton as the skin and polyester as the core. It is widely used in school uniforms, work clothes, shirts, bathrobe fabrics, skirt fabrics and sheets.

Some core-spun yarns are coated with different materials, such as wool and silk. These are incredibly popular and can create a beautiful, soft fabric.

These yarns also offer more texture and dimension than traditional spun yarns, which is why they're so useful for sculpting into vessels, weaving into textured cloth, and more. The technique is simple to do, and it's a lot of fun!

In order to get the best take-up on your wheel, be sure to set the tension to the right level for the yarn you're spinning. Some spinners prefer to “give” the yarn, while others like to feel the wheel pull it in, so keep that in mind.

To make your own core-spun yarn, insert a small amount of predrafted fiber into the bobbin leader with a loop and hold it at a 90-degree angle to the end of the core thread. Begin treadling slowly, allowing the fiber to catch onto the thread and wrap around the core. Once the fiber has wrapped, tie it in a knot.