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Core Spun Yarn is a new type of yarn

Core Spun Yarn is a new type of yarn that can be used to make woven fabrics. It is made by combining different short fibers to form a unique yarn structure and has many advantages over other types of yarn.
Core spun yarns usually use a chemical fiber filament as the core thread and wrap various staple fibers to form the outer sheath. The sheath may be made from a variety of materials, including cotton and polyester continuous-filament yarns.

Spun-wrapped staple fibers are typically twisted several times around the core filament to enhance their performance and surface characteristics, thereby achieving the desired combination of physical properties and characteristics. The two components of the core-spun yarn are able to take full advantage of each other’s strengths and deficiencies, while improving their performance in terms of handle, strength and comfort.
Double-end twisting makes the core-spun sewing thread more durable and increases its resistance to abrasion. Moreover, it improves the cotton covering of the core filament.
Twisting of the core-spun yarn before spinning also increases its mechanical properties. In addition, it minimizes the striping problem that occurs during the sewing process.
When you spin the core-spun yarn, it is important to keep your bobbin under tension as you wind it into a skein. This is because you will want to avoid letting the ends ravel, which could damage your work.
Most experienced spinners can spin without too much active twist built up on their wheel, but if you have trouble getting the yarn to pull into your orifice, add tension. Givers like to give their bobbins lengths of yarn and feel the wheel pull it into the orifice as they spin, while takers like to feed their bobbins with short, constant snippets of the yarn.