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How to Make Core Spun Yarn

Core Spun Yarn is a new type of yarn, made from continuous filaments. This new product offers a unique texture, as well as a smooth outside surface, which is ideal for creating apparel or wearables. It can also be used in quilts or upholstery fabrics for durability.
There are several types of materials that can be used to make core spun yarn. Natural fibers such as wool or alpaca may be used, as well as more conventional materials, such as polyester and nylon.
These fibers have different characteristics that can affect the final product. In addition, the yarn can be manufactured using a variety of spinning devices. The following are some of the common methods used to make core spun yarn:
Spinning a Core Spun Yarn: When you start to spin a Core, hold the fiber at a 90-degree angle to the core. This will help to create a firm core as well as a more textured core. You can then twist the thread until it is wrapped around the Core. Experienced spinners often adjust their wheel before attempting to spin the core. They may even use a compensatory tensioner to minimize the variation in the input tension.
Twisting the fiber: While you are spinning, the active twist of the filament will build up, which can cause the core to ravel. To prevent this, it is best to treadle slowly. If you do not, the yarn will twist too much. However, if you are an experienced spinner, you can treadle faster.
Washing the Core: Core Spun yarn can be hand washed in warm water and mild detergent. The yarn can also be machine washed on a gentle cycle. Steaming the yarn can also help to minimize raveling.
Finishing the Core: Once the core is finished spinning, you can tie the thread in a knot to secure the yarn. You can also use a thread wrap to add embellishments. A traditional tube orifice will work too.
The size and shape of the orifice can also affect the final product. An open orifice allows for the most dramatic core-spinning textures, while a narrow orifice is not suitable for bulkier textures.
Pre-Twisting: Before starting to spin, pre-twist the filament to reduce sheath slippage. At the same time, you should hold the active twist under tension. This prevents the core from raging, while allowing for an optimum geometrical position of the filament.
Pre-Twisting: The number of times the core is twisted prior to spinning will affect the size and shape of the yarn. The more times you twist the core, the thicker the yarn will be.
Core Spun Rug Yarn: Core Spun Rug Yarn is a great option for weaving a rug. This yarn has a smooth exterior, as well as a high degree of stretch, making it a versatile product. Besides rugs, it is perfect for knitting on large needles.
Core Spun Yarn: There are a number of different designs available for Core Spun yarn, including stripes, fair isle, paisley, and houndstooth. Each design is created in a variety of colors, and the yarn can be used for different applications.
Core Spun Yarn-Long rabbit hair core spun yarn
Material: 50% Viscose 28% PBT 22% Nylon
Style: For knitting ,circular knitting ,flatting knitting
Colour: Various of colors according buyers requirements
Application: Outwear,sweaters,gloves,hats,socks etc
Feature And Advantage: Soft touch,imitation rabbit hair ,cashmere like 
Color Fastness: Color fastness is good