We are a professional manufacturer, there are many products such as Crystal Velvet Imitation Mink Fur, here are some precautions for his wearing.

  (1) Fur is undoubtedly winter. When wearing fur clothing, please keep away from heat sources, especially heaters, because dry heat will absorb the quality of the fur, making the fur hard and brittle.

  (2) Pay special attention when dining in restaurants. It is best not to put fur clothing in the storage area, because there is too little space there, you can carefully fold the fur and put it on the chair, and ask the waiter to wrap it in a large coat instead of hanging it on a hook or shelf. . Simply put, when you eat, fur needs a place too, but it has to be away from the table.

  (3) If you sit in the car or in the cinema for a long time, it is better to take off the fur clothing so as not to press it. When folding, be sure to keep the fur side facing out.

  (4) Pay attention to whether the items you carry with you will damage the ring fur. For example, the straps of small bags, especially those with metal chains, can wear down the fur. If you are someone who often carries a briefcase, be careful not to let the bag rub against the fur for a long time.

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