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The Application of Imitation Mink Yarn

Imitation Mink Yarn is an animal-free alternative to real mink fur, which is generally less expensive and easier to care for than the real thing. Using this cruelty-free yarn is a great way to make your own knitted or crocheted items that will keep you warm all winter long without harming any animals.

Super Soft Feelings
Chunky fluffy yarn with super light soft and smooth feelings. It’s a new product which is luxurious and fancy, featuring the same length of fur and well-distributed texture.

It is a kind of fancy thread that has emerged in the Chinese domestic market in the past two or three years. Its structure mainly consists of core threads and hairiness, and the hairiness is arranged in a certain direction. It is a new type of feather yarn, and it has good wearing performance, strong warmth retention property, and should be widely used in clothes, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, etc.

Compared with other fluff yarns, the feather length of the imitation mink yarn is naturally erect, the luster is good, and the hand feels very soft. The woven fabric has a plump surface and a great decorative effect, and it is not easy to shed hair.

Feather yarn (imitation mink yarn) has a good response in the market, and has been widely used by famous clothing brands. It is recognized as a product with high economic benefits and good development prospects in the textile industry.