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The Difference Between Polyester Spun Yarn and Polyester Textured Yarn

Polyester is a popular choice for fabrics, and it has many different characteristics that make it an excellent option for a variety of projects. But when you're considering what type of fabric to purchase, it's important to understand how these fabrics are created and what the difference is between different types. Spun polyester is a synthetic fiber that has certain unique qualities, which makes it very useful for creating different textiles.

Spun polyester is a textile that is made by twisting together strands of fibers to create a strong product for the manufacture of fabrics. The twisted fibers are then dyed and used in the production of fabric. Spun polyester can be made from a single type of fiber or it can be blended with other types of fibers to create multi-plied yarns. The count of a spun yarn can vary from single-ply to 8-plied depending on the number of individual strands twisted together.

A spun yarn is typically made from either virgin or recycled polyester staple fiber (PSF). The yarn can also be waxed, which is commonly used for knitting fabrics, or unwaxed, which is mostly used for weaving. The fibers can be shaped into various shapes by the spinning process, and this affects the hand of the finished fabric.

The type of polyester fibers used in a fabric can affect how durable and long-lasting the material is. Choosing the right type of fibers is essential to creating a high-quality, long-lasting product. There are two primary options for polyester: 100% polyethylene terephthalate and 50/50 PET/Polypropylene. The higher quality, pure polyester is usually more expensive than the lower-cost blends, but it will last longer due to the higher melting point of pure polyester.

Both spun and filament polyester are durable, easy to wash, water, stain, and wrinkle resistant fabrics. They are a great choice for making clothing, home textiles, and other textile products that will be used on a regular basis. Both are also stain resistant and can be washed in hot water, but they should not be washed with abrasive cleaners or bleach.

Polyester textured yarn is created by twisting and drawing polyester POY (Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn). The yarn can be crimped to increase its bulk and texture. The yarn is then used in weaving and knitting to create a wide variety of textile products.