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Types of Knit Fabric and the Best Products Made From Them

Jersey Knit Fabric

  Jersey knit fabric is the most common type of knit material in the market. These days, you will find jersey knit fabrics in many other types of material. A lot of outfits can be made from jersey knit fabric, but the best type of clothes to make out of them are tops, summer dresses, and even some amazing soft baby clothing.

  When buying clothes made out of jersey knit fabric, make sure you check the weight and go for something light. The fabric itself is light, so you won’t have a problem. Also, keep in mind that knit fabrics should be bought at the right store, knit fabrics by the yard are a perfect place to get high-quality fabrics for your clothes.

  Lace Knit Fabric

  Lace is a delicate see-through fabric that can be worn with or without lining. It’s lightweight and can be used to make different types of clothing apparel. People love lace knits because they combine the elegance of lace with the elasticity of knit fabrics. Lace knits have a feminine look so they should be used for special occasions and pieces. The only problem with lace knit fabric is related to maintenance. It can be used to make beautiful tops and lounge apparel as it is very comfortable to wear.

  Lace knit fabric should be handled with care. Using the washing machine and the dryer can ruin it and make it fray. Use the delicate cycle and let it air dry to keep it intact for a long time.

  Hatchi Knit Fabric

  Hatchi knit fabric combines the comfort of cotton in a softer texture. Hatchi knits combine cotton blends with polyester and spandex so they have some stretch and can be used for different clothing apparel. It’s the perfect choice for people who love to wear cotton but find it rough and itchy to touch.

  The open knit texture makes this fabric smooth to touch, and it’s also wrinkle-resistant, unlike pure cotton. Hatchi knits come in various colors and prints so you can wear them in solids or find them in elegant floral or animal print patterns. They can be used to make several types of clothing apparel including dresses, skirts, and tops. They’re also easy to sew and maintain. The result is always extraordinary.

  Techno knit fabric

  This sturdy knit is stretchy and has some weight to it so it drapes beautifully. Techno knits are perfect for dresses and skirts because they flow nicely. It’s a medium-weight stretchy fabric that can be used to make different clothing apparel for various occasions. The fabric has some low sheen, so it looks beautiful to wear. It’s also more durable than other natural fibers since it contains some spandex and polyester that make it stretchy and comfortable to wear.

  Techno knits wear beautifully and can be easily maintained. They withstand the washing machine, the dryer, and everyday use. They can also be used for lounge and yoga wear. You can shop techno knits in solid colors and various elegant knits. You can find them in plaids, animal prints, and floral designs in addition to solid colors to suit every taste and need.

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