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What’s the texture of hairy knitted yarn?

The texture of "Hairy Knitting Yarn" would typically be soft and fluffy, as the name suggests. This type of yarn is designed to create a textured, fuzzy, or "hairy" appearance in the final knitted or crocheted fabric. The specific texture can vary based on the materials used in the yarn, with some possible textures including:
Furry or Fuzzy: Hairy Knitting Yarn often has a fuzzy texture that mimics the appearance of fur. This can create a soft and cozy texture in the finished piece.
Lofty: The yarn may have a lofty or puffy texture, which gives it a light and airy feel. This can be particularly comfortable in winter garments.
Fluffy: Fluffy textures are achieved by using fibers that stand out from the core of the yarn, creating a cloud-like appearance.Nubby or Bouclé: Some hairy yarns have small, nubby, or looped sections that provide an 
interesting and uneven texture.Chenille: Chenille-like yarns have a velvety and plush texture, which can be especially luxurious and soft.
Textured Accents: Hairy Knitting Yarn may also include textured accents like metallic threads or sequins, which add depth and visual interest to the fabric.
The specific texture of Hairy Knitting Yarn will depend on the materials used and the design goals of the product. These textured yarns are often chosen for projects where the texture is a key design element, such as scarves, blankets, and accessories, to create a soft, warm, and visually appealing finished product.