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Suzhou RHZ Textile Technology Co., Ltd is China Nitrile Bean Yarn Suppliers and Nitrile Bean Yarn company. We start from cotton spinning series for more than 19 years which include: 100% cotton yarn, 100% polyester yarn, 100% viscose yarn, 100% acrylic yarn, cotton acrylic blended yarn, acrylic viscose blended yarn and so on, which can be used in circular knitting machines and loom machines. Our custom Nitrile Bean Yarn have exported our products to many countries such as American, England, South America, Asia also for Africa market. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by our users.
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What is Nitrile Bean Yarn
Nitrile Bean yarn is a type of synthetic yarn that is made from a blend of nitrile rubber and polyester. It is known for its strength and durability, as well as its resistance to oil and chemicals. Nitrile Bean yarn is commonly used in industrial applications, such as for making hoses, belts, and other types of heavy-duty equipment. It can also be used in the production of protective clothing and gloves, due to its resistance to chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Advantages of Nitrile Bean Yarn
There are several advantages to using Nitrile Bean yarn:
1.Strength and durability: Nitrile Bean yarn is known for its high strength and durability, making it ideal for industrial applications that require heavy-duty equipment.
2.Chemical and oil resistance: Nitrile Bean yarn has excellent resistance to chemicals and oils, making it suitable for use in the production of protective clothing and gloves for workers in hazardous environments.
3.Abrasion resistance: Nitrile Bean yarn is highly resistant to abrasion, which means it can withstand friction and wear better than many other types of yarn.
4.Weather resistance: Nitrile Bean yarn is resistant to various weather condition and temperature fluctuations, increasing its versatility
5.Low moisture absorbtion: Nitrile Bean yarn have low moisture absorbtion which make it suitable for applications that involve exposure to water or humidity.
6.Cost-effective: Nitrile Bean yarn is a cost-effective alternative to natural rubber, it can substitute natural rubber in many cases.